Simple Greek phrases for holidaying in Kefalonia

family villa Holidays - Kefalonia villas

With beautiful beaches and sun-kissed olive groves, it’s little wonder the islands of Greece are a mecca for world travellers with taste. Whether you’re planning family or business holidays in Kefalonia, you’ll find its local people warm and welcoming. Renowned for their hospitality across the world, the Greeks have a passion for making visitors feel…

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Rules for Travel to Greece from UK this Summer

Kefalonia international Airport - Amari Villa Kefalonia

The UK government’s traffic light system for travel has been revealed, as have the countries making up the green, amber and red lists. From Monday 17 May holidays from England and Scotland will be allowed again, and you will be able to travel abroad as long as you follow all the relevant rules. For the latest on international travel news from Wales and Northern Ireland it is best to check…

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Three unmissable adventures in Kefalonia

Enjoy the beaches of Kefalonia

If the weather turns chilly in your part of the world and you’re yearning for the sun and sea, family vacations and business breaks in Kefalonia can be just the ticket. Offering a perfect balance between relaxation and excitement, read on to discover three sites you must see when your journeys take you to this…

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