3 Reasons To Book A Holiday Villa In Kefalonia

Pool under the star laden night sky

If you are a travel addict and love visiting places with unique biodiversity, exquisite beaches, and nightlife, choose Kefalonia as your next destination. It is a paradise for every tourist visiting Greece. The crystal-clear water, picturesque villages and stunning stretches of sand enhance the place’s appeal even further. It is not only about the scenic…

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What to wear on a trip to Kefalonia

While Kefalonia has lots of shops where you can pick up all the clothes you need, you might like to buy some to bring with you. Read on for how to dress from head to toe.

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Three welcoming restaurants in Kefalonia

Greek Lunch

Many of Kefalonia’s restaurants can be discovered on its beaches and tourist hotspots. In the next passages, we’ll share with you some exceptional eateries you can visit when your travels take you to the beautiful shores and towns of Kefalonia.

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