The Best Beaches of Kefalonia: Discovering Greece’s Crown Jewels

Amazing Assos

As one of the largest and most popular islands in Greece, Kefalonia is unsurprisingly home to some of the best beaches in the country. From secluded coves to long stretches of sand, there’s a beach to suit everyone on this island paradise.

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Secret Beaches of Kefalonia

Kato Lagadi Kefalonia

Kato Lagadi the pristine beach of Kato Lagadi, also known as Kako Lagadi, is a secret beach only accessible by boat. The clear waters and fascinating surroundings make this beach an idyllic spot for relaxation, with total privacy in mind!

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Discover the Hidden Gem of Kefalonia – the Beaches of Spartia

spartia beach ja

Klimatsia Beach, Spartia , Kefalonia The beaches of Spartia are only a short distance from Amari Villa, The village of Spartia, in the municipality of Livathos, is located in the southern part of Kefalonia. Spartia boasts 2 beaches, Klimatsia and Thermanti erry Apostolatos Klimatsia Beach in Spartia, Kefalonia is one of the most beautiful and…

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Three of the best beaches Kefalonia can offer

Many travellers seeking breaks filled with sand and sea select Kefalonia as their destination for its world-famous beaches. Kissing the crystal blue waters of the Ionian Sea, its sandy shores provide an ideal place to visit for business or pleasure. Join us as we look at three of Kefalonia’s unrivalled beaches that are waiting to…

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Kefalonia: The Perfect Summer Destination

Assos - Kefalonia - Amari_Villa_Kefalonia_Greece_-_Luxury_Villas_in_Kefalonia

Welcome to Kefalonia, Greece’s stunning Ionian island and the perfect summer destination for 2023. With its crystal-clear waters, breathtaking beaches, charming villages, and stunning landscapes, Kefalonia offers visitors an unforgettable holiday experience. Explore Myrtos beach, one of the most famous and picturesque beaches on the island, with its turquoise waters and white pebbles. Or venture to Assos village, a gem with its charming houses and cobbled streets that offer a glimpse of the island’s past. For a luxurious stay, look no further than Amari Villa Kefalonia, with its private swimming pool, spacious outdoor area, and stunning views of the Ionian Sea. From the island’s fresh seafood and Kefalonian meat pie to its vibrant nightlife and warm hospitality, Kefalonia has something for everyone. Book your trip now and discover the beauty of Kefalonia in style

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Explore the Charm of Assos: A Hidden Gem on the Greek Island of Kefalonia

assos amari villa kefalonia greece luxury villas in kefalonia

Assos, a hidden gem on the northwest coast of the Greek island of Kefalonia, is a charming village known for its traditional architecture, laid-back atmosphere, and stunning views. From the Venetian fortress to the crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches, Assos offers something for everyone. Go for a swim, sunbathe, hike the surrounding mountains, or simply relax and take in the Mediterranean beauty

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Spartia, Kefalonia: Three ways it will delight you

Spartia Beach Kefalonia

It is true that most people are feeling a little weary from the coronavirus pandemic, but what better way to bring a little sunshine into your life than by planning your next trip abroad?

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Discover Kefalonia with Kids

family villa Holidays - Kefalonia villas

Discover Kefalonia with Kids – 6 Reasons to Visit Discover Kefalonia with kids on your next family holiday, whether travelling with toddlers or teenagers, Kefalonia is the perfect family island. For me, Greece is all about its islands. I’ve visited Athens and loved Santorini, watching those classic white island houses appear above that sparkling blue…

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