Argostoli the Captivating Capital of Kefalonia.

Argostoli, the captivating capital of Kefalonia, is a beautiful town with of 14,000 inhabitants. It is located in a natural bay surrounded by mountains and verdant forests. The town was rebuilt after the major earthquake of 1953.

Argostoli or Argostolion is the main port town. With a handful of cruise liners in the bay on a regular basis, Argostoli is often busy.

argostoli by maria abatielou
argostoli water front by maria abatielou

Here are some of the things to do in Argostoli.

Argostoli Central Square – Platia Valianou

The central square of the town called Plateia Valianou (Vallianos Square) is a large and vibrant square lined by many restaurants, cafes and bars making it the perfect spot to spend an evening out. The locals here are welcoming and friendly. The families with young children will be out in large numbers, enjoying the freedom the square allows. Great place to sit and people watch.

Argostoli Harbour – Watch the Loggerhead Turtles

When you arrive in Argostoli, the gathering and moving crowds will leave you in no doubt as to where one might be best placed to spot the Loggerhead Turtles! Mind your step and do not fall into the water while taking pictures of the turtles. The is probably a regular site for the fishermen.

The best time to watch the turtles is when the fishermen are cleaning their nets. This is because the turtles are attracted to the “leftovers” that come out of the nets. Be sure to stay around and watch! Read more about the Loggerhead turtles also known as Caretta-Caretta Sea Turtles

Chocolatiers and Patisseries.  

Watching the Turtles can be Thirsty and Hungry work. Just a stone’s throw from the harbour you will find many local chocolatiers and patisseries! Some shops are so grandly decorated, which makes it even more fun to browse through their goodies. And of course, you will not be able to resist trying some of their chocolate. Delicious! If you’re looking for something sweet to treat yourself to, these shops are definitely worth a visit. Don’t forget to try the Baklava or some of the homemade ice-cream.

Take a romantic walk on the Drapano Bridge

The stone De Bosset bridge (or Drapanos Bridge), with its unmistakable arches, is one of Kefalonia’s most prominent and historical structures. With a length of 690 metres, it is Europe’s longest stone bridge spanning the sea. It connects Argostoli to the opposite side, separating the port from the Koutavos Lagoon.

The bridge was once utilised by cars and trucks, however, due to its narrowness, many vehicles fell into the water on a regular basis. As a result, the bridge is currently only accessible to pedestrians.

A large square obelisk that rises from the sea can be seen halfway across the bridge. The obelisk has an inscription honouring the architect, De Bosset, who designed the structure,

In the evening you will see many couples, walking hand in hand, taking in the sites and enjoying the peaceful scenery.

A shopper’s Delight – Lithostroto – Argostoli’s Shopping Street

The cobbled pedestrian street, Lithostroto is the capital’s main street filled with all kinds of shops guaranteed to give you a delightfully unique shopping experience. Whether you’re looking for clothes, jewellery, shoes or just some souvenirs to take home with you, Lithostroto Street is the place to be.

Many cafes are found here, you will see these are full of the locals enjoying a leisurely drink (normally coffee) and socialising with their friends. Great way to spend a morning or afternoon.

The Lighthouse of Saint Theodori

The elegant lighthouse, Saint Theodori is also known as the Fanari Lighthouse, was built in 1828 by Charles Napier, during the English occupation of Kefalonia and was rebuilt after the 1953 earthquake. Views from this lighthouse are panoramic across the sea. The sea is so clear around the lighthouse and a stone’s throw away people swim. This is one of the best places to catch the sunset.

Katavothres Sink Holes

(swallow-holes). An incredible geological phenomenon, where the seawater disappears into large sinkholes at various points along the northern shore of Argostoli, the island’s capital.

The water streams underground through rifts in the rocks from west to east of Kefalonia. the stream flows into Melissáni Lake and then into the sea at Karavómilos lake outside of Sami.

Church of Saint Spiridon

There are many churches in Argostoli but the most amazing church for me is the Saint Spiridon Church in the shopping street Lithostroto. Quite modest from the outside, however, once inside be prepared to be amazed by the splendour of the religious images and icons, that adorn the walls, surrounded by intricate golden carvings.

The grand painted ceiling is something to appreciate, with the chandeliers hanging from it. Light a candle before you leave.

Archaeological Museum (Kefalonia Museum)

The Archaeological Museum is the best place to learn the history of Kefalonia, The original museum was rebuilt after the 1953 Earthquake. (Musch of Kefalonia was destroyed at the same time). The Museum exhibits many artefacts excavated from many sites across the Island, dating back to the prehistoric Roman times as well as a collection of Mycenaean findings.

There are so many things to do and enjoy in Argostoli too many to put in this blog.

Here are the google maps directions to get to Argostoli from Amari Villa

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