What makes Kefalonia a great spot for nature lovers?

Kefalonia Luxury Villa

The simple pleasures are often the best, and this is certainly true of Kefalonia. With an abundance of wildlife, and exotic flora and fauna, this beautiful Greek island is hard to beat.

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What’s Christmas like in Kefalonia?

Christmas ARgostoli

Local groups, bands and children can be heard singing in the streets, while illuminated decorations can be found in villages and towns, as well as in homes. Christmas trees and Karavakia – small, decorated ships – can be seen over Christmas, while special breads called ‘Christopsomo’, which are baked with walnuts and almonds, are served and shared.

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Why Choose a Villa With a Pool In Kefalonia?

While Kefalonia has many stunning beaches to visit offering a chance for a swim, from Myrtos to Thermanti, booking a villa with a private pool has many advantages. Read on to explore why having your own personal swimming space is ideal for a luxury holiday in Kefalonia.

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Three welcoming restaurants in Kefalonia

Greek Lunch

Many of Kefalonia’s restaurants can be discovered on its beaches and tourist hotspots. In the next passages, we’ll share with you some exceptional eateries you can visit when your travels take you to the beautiful shores and towns of Kefalonia.

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Guide to exciting water adventures in Kefalonia

Snorkelling at Avitos beach

Surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia offers a wide range of water-based activities. Whether you’re taking family or business holidays in Kefalonia, you’ll find fun on the water to suit all tastes. Read on for a closer look at some of the enticing opportunities that await you on your next…

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Three of the best beaches Kefalonia can offer

Many travellers seeking breaks filled with sand and sea select Kefalonia as their destination for its world-famous beaches. Kissing the crystal blue waters of the Ionian Sea, its sandy shores provide an ideal place to visit for business or pleasure. Join us as we look at three of Kefalonia’s unrivalled beaches that are waiting to…

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