Discover the Hidden Gem of Kefalonia – the Beaches of Spartia

Klimatsia Beach, Spartia , Kefalonia

The beaches of Spartia are only a short distance from Amari Villa, The village of Spartia, in the municipality of Livathos, is located in the southern part of Kefalonia. Spartia boasts 2 beaches, Klimatsia and Thermanti

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Spartia Beach by Jerry Apostolatos

Klimatsia Beach in Spartia, Kefalonia is one of the most beautiful and tranquil beach destinations on the island. Located on the south-western side of Kefalonia, this stunning beach has been formed by a combination of white sand and rocky shoreline, making it a great spot for swimming and relaxing. Visitors can marvel at the crystal clear waters that lap against the rocky shoreline or simply kick back and enjoy the sun and sea.

The water here is incredibly calm and shallow for quite a good distance from the beach, allowing you to spot little fish swimming around. There are no dangers such as rip currents, making it a very safe spot for families with small children. Furthermore, there is even a shower located near the beach so visitors can rinse off after their dip in the sea.

Klimatsia Beach is an excellent destination for those looking to get away from it all and relax in tranquillity as well as those who want to explore fascinating underwater life in its natural habitat. The breathtaking views from this secluded part of Kefalonia make it truly special.

Klimatsia Beach in Spartia, Kefalonia is an ideal destination for sun worshippers looking to relax on pristine sandy shores while enjoying breathtaking views of crystal clear waters lapping against impressive rocky shorelines or exploring fantastic underwater life.

Thermanti Beach, Spartia, Kefalonia

Thermanti Beach in Spartia, Kefalonia is a secluded and picturesque paradise. Situated off the beaten track, this beach can only be accessed via a steep path and cannot be reached by car. For those adventurous enough to make the trek, it will be rewarded with a stunning natural landscape with intricate rock formations lining the coast, crystal clear waters and untouched sandy beaches.

The Thermanti beach is especially popular amongst canoe fans who come here to rest and admire the view. There are no facilities available here, so visitors should come well-prepared with food, drinks and anything else they may need for their stay. Swimming is also possible due to the shallow waters that encase the shoreline. You will also find private boats and Yachts moored here during the peak summer season.

The perfect spot for a quiet picnic, Thermanti Beach offers something for everyone – from nature lovers to those seeking tranquillity away from it all. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable day out!

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