Beaches of Spartia, Kefalonia

Klismatia Beach, Spartia , Kefalonia

The beaches of Spartia are only a short distance from Amari Villa, The village of Spartia, in the municipality of Livathos, is located on the southern part of Kefalonia. Spartia boasts 2 beaches, Klismatia and Thermanti

Spartia Beach Kefalonia
Klismatia Beacth, Spartia, Kefalonia

Klismatia Beach is a hidden gem, sandy and suitable for families with young children and very safe. The sea is crystal clear, shallow for a quite a good distance from the beach, you can see the little fishes. The water is so calm and the rocks provide little shelters. There is even a shower. Thermanti is for those who are able and want a more secluded beach. Klismatia beach has a couple of restaurants and bars , however Thermanti has no facilities so remember to take water with you. Both beaches are very suitable for Scuba diving and swimming.

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