Caves to explore in Kefalonia

The largest Greek island in the Ionian, Kefalonia is surrounded by water on all sides. This topography has blessed it with stunning sun-kissed beaches that are enjoyed by travellers from all over the world throughout the year. It has also given it miraculous caves steeped in mystery with a rich and fascinating history. Read on as we explore these unique features waiting to be investigated.

Here are some of the Caves of Kefalonia to Explore


The mystery of Katavorthres and the cave of Melissani baffled scientists for years, earning the area the reputation of being one of Kefalonia’s most visited sights. Seawater would disappear inexplicably into cracks near the shoreline. Using special dye, experts finally discovered that the water was crossing the entire southern part of Kefalonia underground, travelling through permeable limestone and found its way to the mystical cave.

Without a roof and with a blue lake within, the cave receives sun rays creating a magical atmosphere. This renowned sight in Kefalonia’s reputation grew further when it was found to be a sacred site dedicated to the Greek god Pan. This is also the cave of a sad love story, which can be read in another post to come.


Close to Melissani is another Kefalonian cave of significance, Drograrti. Revealed after an earthquake more than 300 years ago, this 60-metre-deep cave is estimated to be around 100,000,000 years old. Stalactites still hang from the ceiling and make magnificent shapes, despite the fact that it has been severely damaged by earthquakes. Due to its impressive acoustics, it often plays host to spectacular cultural events held on the island. A concert here is a must, while you are visiting Kefalonia.

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