Just booked our 2nd Visit to this Amazing Villa in Kefalonia.

Guest Review for mari VIlla

Just booked 2 Weeks break for June at this Amazing Villa. This will be our 2nd visit to the villa.Can’t wait to be there again as the Villa is perfect for our family. We know we will be welcomed with open arms and be looked after

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Tailor made Holidays

Have a drink under the shade by the Pool

Tailor made Holidays at Amari Villa – A unique Experience. We feel that vacations are extremely valuable occasions for people to relax, explore, escape and experience a different way of life to their normal.   We can help arrange a tailor made holiday;  holiday the way you like it. We are here to take away the stress leaving you…

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Villa updates – Landscaping the garden

We have been busy More plants like such as Bougainvillea, Oleanders, have been planted to give a real feel of the Mediterranean, The barbeque area has been surrounded by Rosemary, the herb of the Mediterranean, to help relax the mind and relieve stress. Also will keep away the bugs. Herbs like Basil and Oregano have…

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