Have you booked your 2022 Family Holiday?

Travel is good for the soua and the mind, makes happy
Travel and escape the daily grind of everyday ups & downs

Have you booked your summer 2022 family holiday or have you narrowed down the destinations?. Most of us book our holidays online or book after researching on the Internet.  

When you’re looking for the perfect family holiday, it can be hard to decide where exactly. After all – what’s more, important than spending time together? Whether your crew is large or small (or comprised of both!),

Summer Family Holidays
Family on Holiday having fun

It’s always important to do research before booking anything-that includes vacation rentals as well so make sure the place has enough room in advance of travelling with friends, extended family, or loved ones. For example, if there will be three generations present (parent+child duo plus grandparents), look specifically at properties that have 2 or more bedrooms marketed toward suitable for families larger than 2 adults + child.

Family Holidays

There is nothing like travel to bring a family together, there are endless options including Hotels or Private Holiday rental homes. 

This is the time when families bond together, spend as much time together as possible but also allow everyone to have their own space.

The New Normal

With the Coronavirus Pandemic nearly over, 2022 will still be a year of great concern for travellers. Families want to make sure they’re located in safe spaces with plenty of amenities and flexibility when booking their vacation spots so that everyone can enjoy themselves without worrying about health risks or safety concerns related directly back from home life!

Luxury family Villa with Pool , BBQ, Gardens
Imagine waking up to this everyday

With the New Normal, health and safety will be uppermost in most peoples’ minds. Private Villas will be the option most families will look for as they will want to stay away from crowded hotels, shared facilities like pools and gardens. In a villa, they can control who comes and goes while they are staying there. 

Early Booking or Last Minute.

Myrtos beach
Mytros – the most famous beach in Eurpoe

If you want a specific holiday during the school/peak summer season, it is wise to book early so as not to have your dream vacation compromised by high prices and low inventory. This almost happens every time there’s an increased demand for accommodations–especially in popular destinations, 90% of all available rooms have already been booked by those seeking combination location quality price point preference when they go on their trip!

For the those of us who know where we want to go for our summer holidays and prefer not to risk missing out on the best prices or already know our perfect combination of destination and accommodation, now is  the best time to book.  A large number of accommodation owners will have special offers.

summer 2022 family holiday,family holiday,family holidays,last minute
Aerial view of Kefalonia Airport

The airline industry is always changing, and this summer it’s no exception. Airlines around the world are releasing new fares for 2022 as well as all of their current routes- many with increased prices during peak season or earlier reservations that will reward those who book early! If you’re not worried about where your flight goes just yet (or can get a last-minute ticket) then check out what deals might be available now before they sell out completely; there may still be some good ones left once Out Of PEAK SEASON begins which starts soon too so don’t delay too long!!

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Make Kefalonia you Summer 2022 destination.

What are you waiting for? Kefalonia is a must-see this summer. Visitors can now fly to the island with Ryan Air, EasyJet, Jet2 , TUI and British Airways as well! There’s no better way than all these great airlines who offer flights from London Gatwick , Stansted, Manchester airports just about every day of the week–and at affordable prices too.

Don’t miss out on an amazing vacation destination that has been getting more popular each year

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