Best Kefalonia Boat Excursions for an Unforgettable Greek Island Holiday

Explore Kefalonia the Greek Island, the jewel of the Ionian sea by boat.

Explore Kefalonia By Sea, Kefalonia Luxury Villas
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Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands, it is known as the jewel of the Ionian Sea. Enjoy Kefalonia has so much to offer everyone. Most people who come to Kefalonia want to discover the hidden beaches, watch the wildlife, and swim in the deep turquoise blue sea. There are different ways of exploring Kefalonia, by Car, Jeep Safaris, Walking, or Cycling but the most popular for many is by Sea. Discover this incredible Greek Island by going on a Kefalonia Boat excursion. Everyone visiting Kefalonia, one of the best greek islands, must at least make one trip by boat. Imagine having the sea with hardly another vessel in sight or enjoying the most stunning beaches with hardly anyone there. Kefalonia will not disappoint as some of the coves and beaches are secluded and they are only reachable by boat.

Here are ways to explore Kefalonia by Sea

1. Private Boat

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Kefalonia Trips – Queen Bee

One of the best ways to explore Kefalonia’s beauty is by boat. Hire a private boat or a yacht.

Boat trips are perfect for anyone who wants to explore the amazing wildlife and unreachable beaches of Kefalonia. Swim, snorkel in the crystal-clear Ionian sea and sunbathe on secluded beaches.

You will find many companies offering private boat hire, with or without a crew, depending on if you have a licenced skipper among your party or not

This for some is the best way to explore Kefalonia, going and stopping where they want.

Whether you are looking for a thrilling adventure or a relaxing day out on the water, there is something to suit everyone.

2. Fishing Tours

Fishing is a popular pastime on Kefalonia, with many people heading out to sea to try and catch their dinner. There are several different companies offering fishing tours, so you can join in the fun even if you have never done it before. This is a unique way of venturing out to the sea and learning the traditional way of fishing. You will enjoy the catch of the day for lunch.

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fishing tourism kefalonia michalis

Our local Captain – Mihalis offers fishing tours Get in touch with them via this link. A fishing boat trip you will always remember as it is like no other.

These tours are great for anyone who wants to learn more about the local wildlife and get a taste of traditional Kefalonian life. You will also have the chance to relax on some of the island’s beautiful beaches and take in the stunning scenery. Snorkel, swim or just sunbathe. Learn about fishing and eat the delicious food they serve on the boat. Something you will never forget.

3. Day Cruise

Kefalonia Boat excursions -Kefalonia Tours "Queen Bee" - Kefalonia Villa Holidays
Picture from kefalonia Trips “Queen Bee”

Kefalonia is the most beautiful Greek island in the Ionian sea. It is an island which is quiet, unspoilt and full of amazing beaches that can’t be reached without a boat!

You will find many boats in the main towns, Argostoli, Sami, and Fiscardo, which offer day cruises. Some also offer to host that special occasions, like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays etc.

LadyO and Queen Bee offer the day cruises from Argostoli as well as others.

4. Sailing Adventures

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Kefalonia Boat trips 
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Foki Beach –

Sailing is a great way to see the island, and there are several different companies offering sailing tours. These tours usually last for a full day, and you will have the chance to stop off at some of the most beautiful beaches in Kefalonia. Imagine the wind on your face and in your hair, the sense of freedom as you can go anywhere the wind blows you.

You’ll also get the opportunity to swim, snorkel and sunbathe in the crystal-clear waters. This is a great way to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery of the island. You can also visit the neighbouring Islands of Zante and Ithaca.

5. Diving Tours

Kefalonia diving holidays
Boat Trips Kefalonia
Kefalonia Summer holidays
Diving Centre Kefalonia

If you are looking for an adventure, then why not try a diving tour? There are various companies offering diving tours including teaching, so you can explore the underwater world of Kefalonia.

You’ll have the chance to see a variety of different fish and other marine life, as well as some of the shipwrecks that lie off the coast of the island. This is a great way to see another side of Kefalonia that you wouldn’t be able to experience from the land.

Please look on Facebook for many of the diving schools, one nearest to Amari Villa is Diving Centre Kefalonia

6. Dolphin & Whale Watching Tours

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dolphins in Kefalonia – picture by unknown

Kefalonia is one of the best places in Greece to go Dolphin & Whale watching. There are several different companies offering whale watching tours, so you can get up close and personal with these majestic creatures.

You will have the opportunity to see other wildlife, such as dolphins, turtles and seals. This is a great way to learn more about the local wildlife and get a unique experience.

So, if you are looking for a way to explore Kefalonia, then why not try one of these boat tours? You will have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful parts of the island and get a taste of traditional Kefalonian life.

How to book the Kefalonia boat excursions?

Please check in the port in Argostoli, Skala, Sami, and Fiskardo (plus other ports around the island) with the individual boats present there or online. Have a look at Facebook as most boat tours are published there.

You will need to pre-book and also check the facilities they offer. Some offer lunches and drinks, while others will ask you to take your own.

Most diving schools/companies will have equipment for you.

Take some beach shoes and snorkelling gear with you, and have an adventure.

From its verdant olive groves and crystal blue waters to its astonishing sunrises, it’s a given you will want to take plenty of pictures and videos in Kefalonia. Make sure you have all your camera equipment packed, including batteries and chargers, so you can share your trip with family and friends.

Put Kefalonia on your bucket list as one of the Greek Islands to visit.

Where to stay on your Greek Island Holiday?

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