Phrases to use when shopping in Kefalonia

If your travels take you to the beautiful Greek isle of Kefalonia this year, you’ll find it an unmissable holiday destination. Those staying in this Ionian paradise are keen to take part of Kefalonia home with them as keepsake of their amazing vacation or as a gift for friends and family.

Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to pick up presents in the welcoming shops and stores on the island. You’ll find books in a wide range of languages, including Russian and English, as well as jewellery, designer clothing and tempting treats to take home with you. The people of Kefalonia will be happy to help you with your purchases, but if you’re set to impress, here are some useful words and phrases that may help.

Yassoo – Hello

Tha íthela – I would like

Dóro – Gift

Enthýmio – Souvenir

Vivlío – Book

Kolié – Necklace

Karaméla – Sweet treat

Parakaló – Please

Efcharistó – Thank you

Póso kostízei? – How much is it?

Boró na pliróso me pistotikí kárta? – Can I pay by credit card?

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