Robola wine – a national treasure of Kefalonia

A holiday in Kefalonia will introduce visitors to a host of new tastes and flavour sensations. The Ionian island’s friendly people are proud of their local produce, and rightly so. Among this selection of unrivalled experiences will be the first time that guests try a glass of Robola wine. Sought-after and loved by wine connoisseurs all over the world, nothing compares with appreciating a bottle in its natural surroundings of verdant hill country or turquoise waters.

White wine of the island

Made from a Greek white wine grape, which is primarily grown on Kefalonia, Robola is an acclaimed achievement applauded by experts. Lemon in colour, it has herbal hints of thyme and rosemary on the nose. Island visitors seeking a tasting session can visit the Omala Valley. Here, clusters of wineries and vineyards can be found near the stunning Agios Gerasimos Monastery.

A festival of flavour

Each year in Kefalonia’s Omala valley, since 1978, a two-day Robola festival takes place to celebrate this award-wining wine. In the villages of Valsamata and Fragata, you can dance late into the night drinking Robola alongside traditional dishes.

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