With beautiful beaches and sun-kissed olive groves, it’s little wonder the islands of Greece are a mecca for world travellers with taste. Whether you’re planning family or business holidays in Kefalonia, you’ll find its local people warm and welcoming. Renowned for their hospitality across the world, the Greeks have a passion for making visitors feel at home.

That being said, if you’d like to equally impress your gracious hosts, why not learn a little Greek before your trip? Unlike other nations that might disregard your attempts, you’ll find speaking a few phrases will often increase the attention you receive.

Recent statistics show that over half the population of Greece can speak English, as it’s the most commonly taught second language in schools. Russian is also widely spoken, with many wealthy migrants making a new home among the islands in the 90s. However, if you’re from further afield or would like to try your hand at Greek, here are six simple phrases you can try:

Kaliméra – Good morning
Kalispéra – Good evening
Hárika polí – Nice to meet you
Poso kani? – How much is it?
Efharistó – Thank you
Mu arési i Eláda – I like Greece

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