Three of the best beaches Kefalonia can offer

Many travellers seeking breaks filled with sand and sea select Kefalonia as their destination for its world-famous beaches. Kissing the crystal blue waters of the Ionian Sea, its sandy shores provide an ideal place to visit for business or pleasure. Join us as we look at three of Kefalonia’s unrivalled beaches that are waiting to be explored.

Myrtos Beach

Semi-circular in shape and surrounded by lush foliage and white rocks, Myrtos Beach is a spectacular sight. Its sun-baked white pebble beach meets the sea, offering visitors an authentic Greek Island experience. You can tan yourself and swim with every facility you require close at hand, from ice-cold drinks to savoury snacks.

Thermanti Beach

Picturesque and offering plenty of privacy, Thermanti is one of Kefalonia’s “wild beaches”. Its sandy shoreline is tucked into the rugged cliffside and is accessed by tiny footpaths that keep the beach uncrowded. Bathe in the shallows or enjoy unspoiled views like the underwater islands nearby.

Xi Beach

Renowned for its reddish-gold sand and taking its name from an X-shape, Xi Beach is perfect for families with children due to its gentle waves. Also ideal for adventurers, it has a dedicated water sports centre.

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