Three sweet snacks to try in Kefalonia

The biggest Ionian Greek island, Kefalonia is also one of its most beautiful. With sand, sea and sunshine in abundance, it makes for an unrivalled holiday destination, whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure. For those taking long vacations or business breaks in Kefalonia, there are many local delicacies to tempt the taste buds, and for travellers with a sweet tooth, some special treats are in store.

Read on to discover the unique flavours of these traditional products.


Among Kefalonia’s most renowned products, Mántoles are almonds that have been roasted and caramelised. A deep red, they are easy to identify, and a local seaweed is traditionally used to give them their vibrant and unmistakable hue.


Shaped into a rectangular bar that’s easy to eat, this sweet snack uses all-natural ingredients. Sesame seeds set with sticky honey are the main ingredients of Pastélia, with a little thyme for flavour.


A soft nougat, Mantoláto combines many of Kefalonia’s finest produce in its creation. Its dough is made from homegrown almonds, Greek honey and fresh eggs, before being sweetened with sugar.

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