Top dining delights in Kefalonia

West of the Greek mainland, Kefalonia offers visitors an Ionian Island paradise filled with natural beauty. Lovers of fine wines and culinary wonders will be delighted by the traditional dishes and drinks on offer, created from the finest produce grown on the island. In the following passages, we’ll explore the true taste of Kefalonia and some of the famous flavours the island is renowned for.


Robola is considered among Greece’s three finest wines. A dry white, it makes a perfect souvenir to take home for family and friends, or an ideal accompaniment to a platter of cheese and olives in the afternoon sun. Travellers can also visit local wineries for a tasting tour, like the famed Robola Cooperative near the Monastery of Agios Gerasimos.


Freshly caught seafood can be found at Kefalonia’s beach cafes, while local dishes are served in welcoming tavernas and restaurants around the island. Strapatsada, scrambled eggs with tomato and olive oil, is perfect for a lunchtime snack, while riganada, bread slices seasoned with freshly diced oregano, are delicious dipped in potato soup. For those with a hearty appetite, kreatopita is a much-loved three-meat pie that must be tried.

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