What makes Kefalonia a great spot for nature lovers?

The simple pleasures are often the best, and this is certainly true of Kefalonia. With an abundance of wildlife, and exotic flora and fauna, this beautiful Greek island is hard to beat.

Home to some of the world’s most endangered species, Kefalonia’s conservationists, ecologists and researchers work hard all year round to protect the natural habitat of creatures such as the loggerhead turtle and the Mediterranean monk seal. Kefalonia also boasts some rare and unusual types of eagles, hawks, wild foxes and hares, and is a popular resting place for migrating birds of all different types.

There are a number of research and conservation projects on the island that welcome visitors, such as Katelios Environmental & Cultural Centre. Here, the Katelios Group for Research and Protection of Marine Terrestrial Life is studying nesting female turtles through The Marine Turtle Project.

For horse lovers, the wild horses of Mount Ainos are a must see. This hardy breed is used to the rocky terrain and lives high in the pine forests surrounding the monastery of Zoodochas Pighi. Legend says these horses are descended from the Greek horses of Alexander the Great.

Not to be outdone, a stroll into Spartia will take you to a museum dedicated to hedgehogs and owls, and here you can learn all about these nocturnal animals and how to protect them.

Staying at a family villa in Kefalonia is a great way to introduce the next generation to conservation and biodiversity, while also enjoying the very best in luxury holidays brought to you by a stay in Amari Villa.