What should you pack for a trip to Kefalonia?

Whether you’re planning family or business holidays in Kefalonia, you’ll want to be prepared. Apart from your clothes and personal items, you won’t need much for a vacation on this beautiful island, but we’ve compiled a short list of nice-to-haves.

However, don’t worry of you forget to pack anything, as you’ll find plenty of excellent stores on the island where you can easily find all that you need.

Water bottles

In the summery warmth of Kefalonia, staying rehydrated will ensure you enjoy your adventures to the full. While you can buy mineral water easily enough, carrying your own personalised bottle is greener, as it cuts back on waste and ensures you’ll have a fresh drink if your exploration takes you far from shops and tavernas.

Power adaptors

If you’re travelling from outside of Europe, your country may use a different type of plug than Kefalonia. To make sure you can use your technology when you arrive, purchase a two-prong adaptor. While you can pick them up at the airport, they’ll be far more expensive, so buy some online before your flight. Some adaptors also include a USB port, so you could purchase a two-in-one option to save space in your luggage.

Chargers and batteries

From its verdant olive groves and crystal blue waters to its astonishing sunrises, it’s a given you’ll want to take plenty of pictures and videos in Kefalonia. Make sure you have all your camera equipment packed, including batteries and chargers, so you can share your trip with family and friends.

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