What to wear on a trip to Kefalonia

While Kefalonia has lots of shops where you can pick up all the clothes you need, you might like to buy some to bring with you. Read on for how to dress from head to toe.


Kefalonia enjoys an abundance of sunshine, so don’t forget to pack your favourite hat and some shades to complete your look. As well as offering protection from the rays, your sunglasses will let you make the most of unforgettable sunrises and sunsets over the Ionian Sea.


Daytime temperatures are often between 30 and 40 degrees, making lightweight, loose clothes perfect for Kefalonia. Pack some layers for extra warmth and something stylish for a night out.

With beaches and pools aplenty, packing your swimsuit is essential. Trunks for men and bikinis and swimsuits for ladies are a typical sight on the island’s sandy shores and crystal waters. Many Kefalonia hotspots have outdoor bars and eateries, so ladies can bring a wrap and have lunch outdoors in their swimwear.


Sandals are suitable to navigate the beaches of Kefalonia and keep your feet cool, but trainers can be great for exploring. Ladies can pack heels and men some smart shoes for dining out on the town.

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