What’s Christmas like in Kefalonia?

In Kefalonia, Christmas is a special time of year. While there are no direct flights to the island for the big day, it’s still possible to fly in via Athens or sail over by way of Kyllini Port. Read for what you’ll find when you opt to unwind and celebrate Christmas on this enchanting island.

Local customs

Local groups, bands and children can be heard singing in the streets, while illuminated decorations can be found in villages and towns, as well as in homes. Christmas trees and Karavakia – small, decorated ships – can be seen over Christmas, while special breads called ‘Christopsomo’, which are baked with walnuts and almonds, are served and shared.

Gift shopping

Christmas markets are located in Lixouri and Argostoli, and they feature live music and activities for children. Father Christmas can be seen handing out gifts and sweets, and there is a wealth of unique present options on offer. However, tradition in Kefalonia states that children must wait until January 1 to open their gifts.

Christmas dining

The traditional festive dish of Kefalonia is poutrida. This delicacy involves expertly cooked pork served with cabbage and cauliflower. Sometimes, it is dressed in lemon and spicy hot paprika. Today, roasted meat is most common – often, goat stuffed with turkey or chicken, with plenty of homemade wine for toasts.

From its snow-capped and green forest mountains to its violet nights skies, the island is a magical place to spend the season. If you’re looking for private holiday villa rentals in Kefalonia, contact our team today to book.