Why Rent A Private Villa In Kefalonia After The Pandemic

The travel industry was badly hit during the pandemic all over the world. With borders opening and travel resuming, the demand for luxury private villas is gradually increasing. Discerning travellers widely prefer them. If you plan to visit Kefalonia, rent a private villa with a pool for ultimate luxury and comfort. Kefalonia Island is renowned for producing the world-famous Robola wine. There arenumerous beaches with sandy, white pebbles, shallow water, deep water, and surrounded by rocks and green forests. There are numerous reasons why domestic and international holiday makers look for private villas to rent in Kefalonia.

3 Reasons Why Renting A Private Villa Is A Safe Option After The Pandemic

Total Privacy

Almost all the luxury villas in Kefalonia offer complete privacy. They are situated at wonderful locations so vacationers can keep some distance from other travellers. This is highly advisable during a pandemic. When you book a hotel, you will be crammed into accommodation with other tourists, which maydamage the excitement of your vacation. You can practice social and physical distancing by renting a private villa. You can also enjoy a cool dip in the pool with complete privacy.


Most of the private villas with a pool to rent in Kefalonia are more spacious than hotels and resorts on that island. You can relax with comfort and enjoy all the benefits of indoor and outdoor spaces. The luxury villas have an open-plan lounge with beautiful bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, spacious living rooms and a large clean pool. Some even have lounge seating arrangements for sundowners. The private pool and views over the Ionian Sea will give some of the best memories of your life.

In-Villa Facilities

Renting a private villa with a pool is always a safer option after the pandemic as you can reap the benefits of in-villa facilities. The objective is to give guests a comfortable and luxurious staying experience. Look for a villa with a nine-metre pool, private gardens and luxurious bedrooms. It should be fully air-conditioned, have high-speed Wi-Fi and  sea-facing balconies.

Since renting a private villa with a pool after the pandemic has so many benefits, it’s time you choose Amari Villa.