A Guide to Spartia, Kefalonia: The Hidden Gem of the Ionian Islands.

Spartia is a small, pretty village located southeast of Kefalonia international airport. The drive from the Airport should take you less than 15 minutes. It’s a little further to the capital Argostoli, but only by a few minutes.

It’s not one of the more popular villages and therefore hasn’t suffered the overcrowding of some of the other villages/towns of Kefalonia.

spartia beach: Amarivilla

Spartia beach, Kefalonia

Here’s a short Guide to Spartia, Kefalonia

Although it is a small village its surrounding areas have little clusters of buildings most of which are residential homes but some are hotels, guest houses, and holiday villas to rent.

There are a few restaurants in and around Spartia, all of which serve really good food. In the village square, you will find 2 small supermarkets for stocking up on supplies and a couple of coffee bars. There is a family-run taverna here.

The beaches in Spartia are delightful, with the classic Kefalonia turquoise crystal-clear water. There are 2 beaches, Spartia (Klimastia) and Thermanti.

Spartia Beach is only a short stroll from Amari Villa, with parking facilities and a couple of restaurants. Locals and holidaymakers mingle on this short stretch of sand, while fishing boats bob up and down in the nearby harbour. Spartia beach is very secluded and on one side shallow, and wonderful for young children.

Theremanti Beach is only accessible by foot or boat, great for anyone wanting to be away from the crowds.

There are many more beaches just a short drive from Spartia, many secluded, others more popular.

Spartia is a good location from which to explore Kefalonia due to its proximity to the airport, Argostoli the capital, and other interesting places to visit in Kefalonia: the Hidden Gem of the Ionian Islands.

Take a Walk in the Village

As you approach the quaint village of Spartia, nestled at the crossroads, where an array of signs greet you, each one directing towards hidden corners of this delightful village.

spartia signs
Spartia signs

Wandering through this enchanting village, one is struck by the beauty of its painted houses, each one telling a story of tradition and community. The village square is alive with the locals, gathered on benches under the watchful eye of the main village church, exchanging tales and news of the day.

As you stroll down a meandering lane leading down to Spartia’s sole cobbled lane, you can just imagine how life was here before the 1953 earthquake, with old houses and ruins telling tales of times gone by.

old building Spartia - Pre 1953
old building spartia

Amidst these ancient stones, remnants of the great earthquake of 1953 stand as a testament to the village’s spirit, telling their own stories of years gone by. Venture a little further, and the landscape opens up to reveal olive groves and hidden vineyards, where cats roam with undisputed authority.

If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing holiday, Spartia is the perfect place to stay. It is not as crowded as some of the larger villages and towns in Kefalonia, so you can really enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere. And with its beautiful beaches, pretty surroundings, and great food, Spartia is definitely worth considering. The Hidden Gem of the Ionian Islands.

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