Make Your Stay In Kefalonia Is Comfortable By Booking A Holiday Villa

Pergola with a view

The picturesque look of the Kefalonia in the Ionian Islands makes it one of the favourite tourist destinations for avid travellers. The island’s diverse beauty with beautiful golden sandy beaches on one side and white pebble beaches on the other is a treat for the eyes. It also offers the perfect blend of lively nightlife,…

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Caves to explore in Kefalonia

The largest Greek island in the Ionian, Kefalonia is surrounded by water on all sides. This topography has blessed it with stunning sun-kissed beaches that are enjoyed by travellers from all over the world throughout the year. It has also given it miraculous caves steeped in mystery with a rich and fascinating history. Read on…

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Plan The Perfect Winter Holiday With Few Easy Tips

Myrtos Beach Kefalonia

If you think that you can plan a holiday only during summer, it’s high time you debunk the myth. You can plan your next trip now instead of waiting for an entire year. You can enhance the adventure of the cold, dark months by planning a trip to Kefalonia. It is the perfect destination for…

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Why Rent A Private Villa In Kefalonia After The Pandemic

BBQ area at Amari Villa Kefalonia

The travel industry was badly hit during the pandemic all over the world. With borders opening and travel resuming, the demand for luxury private villas is gradually increasing. Discerning travellers widely prefer them. If you plan to visit Kefalonia, rent a private villa with a pool for ultimate luxury and comfort. Kefalonia Island is renowned…

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Robola wine – a national treasure of Kefalonia

Robola Wine of Kefalonia

A holiday in Kefalonia will introduce visitors to a host of new tastes and flavour sensations. The Ionian island’s friendly people are proud of their local produce, and rightly so. Among this selection of unrivalled experiences will be the first time that guests try a glass of Robola wine. Sought-after and loved by wine connoisseurs…

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What’s Christmas like in Kefalonia?

Christmas ARgostoli

Local groups, bands and children can be heard singing in the streets, while illuminated decorations can be found in villages and towns, as well as in homes. Christmas trees and Karavakia – small, decorated ships – can be seen over Christmas, while special breads called ‘Christopsomo’, which are baked with walnuts and almonds, are served and shared.

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Three reasons to have a winter break in Kefalonia

Sunset at Mytros Beach Kefalonia

Known for its sun-kissed beaches and clear blue seas, Kefalonia is a popular summer holiday destination. For those looking for cooler temperatures or in need of a break over the winter months, however, the island still has plenty to offer. Read on for taste of what winter in Kefalonia is like.

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3 Benefits Of Renting A Private Villa With A Pool In Kefalonia

Swim or Sunbath , Private Pool

Kefalonia is the biggest Greek island of the Ionian Sea with a stunning natural landscape and exotic beaches. It is one of the most preferred tourist spots for nature lovers. The unique biodiversity, exquisite beaches and nightlife offered by the destination make it special and unique. If you are booking accommodation in Kefalonia for pleasure…

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3 Reasons To Book A Holiday Villa In Kefalonia Instead Of A Luxury Hotel

Villa with Pool in Kefalonia

Kefalonia is the largest island in the Ionian Sea. It attracts numerous tourists all  year.You can make the most of your trip by booking luxurious accommodation. You can either book a luxury hotel or a luxury holiday villa. Tourists widely prefer the latter as they offer numerous benefits. You can also create a unique vacation…

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Discover Kefalonia With Kids – 6 Reasons to Visit

Enjoy the beaches of Kefalonia

Discover Kefalonia with kids on your next family holiday. Whether travelling with toddlers, teenagers, Kefalonia is the perfect family Island. For me, Greece is all about its islands. I’ve visited Athens and loved Santorini, watching those classic white island houses appear above that sparkling blue sea is at the heart of my favourite memories. A few…

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