Embracing the Global Celebrations of Epiphany – January 6

A dynamic scene of the Epiphany Day celebration in a Greek coastal town, with a large crowd of onlookers in winter attire watching from the pier. In the foreground, young men are captured mid-dive off the sides of traditional wooden boats into the sparkling blue sea, reaching for a cross. A priest stands prominently on one boat, overseeing the ceremony. The atmosphere is lively and jubilant, with clear skies overhead and the town providing a picturesque backdrop. Kefalonia, Villa holidays Greece.
Embracing the global celebrations of Epiphany – Ta Fota

Introduction to Epiphany Celebrations

As the festive cheers of the New Year begin to fade, another significant celebration emerges on the horizon. January 6 marks the Epiphany (/əˈpɪfəni/ ə-PIF-ə-nee), a day steeped in religious tradition and cultural richness. Known in some Eastern Christian cultures as the Theophany or Three Kings’ Day, this holiday commemorates various events in Christian theology, most notably the visit of the Magi to baby Jesus and the baptism of Christ in the Jordan River.

The Greek Epiphany – A Dive into Tradition

In Greece, the Epiphany, the Celebration of the Lightsknown as ‘Fota‘ or ‘Theophany’, is a day filled with religious fervour and vibrant customs. Central to the celebration is the ‘Blessing of the Waters‘ ceremony. Here, priests across coastal towns and islands, including the picturesque Kefalonia, throw a cross into the sea, rivers, or lakes. This act symbolizes the baptism of Christ and the purification of the waters. Young men then dive into the water to retrieve the cross and the one who finds it is believed to receive blessings and good fortune for the year ahead.

happy epiphany
happy epiphany

In Kefalonia, the celebration is particularly enchanting. The island, known for its breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, comes alive on Epiphany. The towns and villages of Kefalonia, including Argostoli, Lixouri, and Fiscardo, host vibrant processions leading to the water. Locals and visitors alike gather around the waterfront to witness the cross-throwing ceremony, followed by celebrations that include traditional music, dance, and feasting. The warm hospitality of the Kefalonians, combined with the stunning backdrop of the island, makes the Epiphany an unforgettable experience.

Spain and Latin America – A Royal Affair

Moving westward to Spain and across Latin America, Epiphany takes on a regal twist. Known as ‘Día de los Reyes’ (Day of the Kings), this day is when children receive gifts, not from Santa Claus, but from the Three Wise Men. The night before, children leave out shoes to be filled with gifts. Parades and processions fill the streets, and families enjoy ‘Rosca de Reyes’, a special ring-shaped cake.

Italy’s Witch of Gifts – La Befana

Celebrating La Befana, an Italian Epiphany tradition. .  the La Befana, a witch flying on a broomstick, is seen in the sky. "La Befana - Epiphany Celebrations in Italy," indicating the cultural context, a sense of wonder and folklore associated with the La Befana celebrations. VIlla for rent Kefalonia
La Befana Epiphany celebrations in Italy

In Italy, Epiphany is associated with La Befana, a friendly witch who delivers gifts to children, much like Santa Claus. According to legend, the Magi invited her to accompany them to see Jesus, but she declined initially, only to change her mind later. She never found the manger, but still, to this day, she goes around leaving gifts for children.

Eastern Orthodox Celebrations – A Holy Baptism

In Eastern Orthodox countries like Russia and Serbia, Epiphany is celebrated as Jesus’ baptism day. The highlight is the ‘Great Blessing of the Waters’. Many people plunge into icy rivers and lakes, emulating the baptism of Christ, symbolizing purification and renewal.

Epiphany in Central Europe – A Charitable Journey

In Germany, Austria, and Poland, ‘Sternsinger‘ (star singers) is a cherished tradition. Children dressed as the Three Kings go from house to house, singing and collecting donations for charitable causes, spreading the message of goodwill and community.


Epiphany is not just a day of immense cultural and religious significance; it’s a celebration of the diverse ways in which faith is revered across the globe. From the lively shores of Kefalonia to the snowy landscapes of Eastern Europe, January 6 unites communities in a celebration of faith, hope, and joy.

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