The Best Kefalonia Festivals and Events You Need to Experience

Kefalonia is an amazing destination with a lot to offer tourists. From festivals and events that celebrate Greek culture, food and wine, to quaint villages and breathtaking sea views, there is something for everyone in Kefalonia. Whether you are looking for an exciting day out or some relaxation in the sun, we have got a list of the best festivals and events for you

The Kefalonia Festivals and Events You Need to Experience are the best festivals and events you can experience in the region of Kefalonia. From a variety of cultural festivities to sporting events, Kefalonia is rich with a diverse number of activities. You’ll have no problem finding something for everyone, and you won’t be disappointed

Kefalonia, one of Greece’s the Ionian Islands, is known for its beautiful beaches, dramatic cliffs, and intriguing history. visitors will also find a variety of festivals and events taking place throughout the year. Here are some of the top picks.

What are the best festivals and events in Kefalonia?

The Carnival of Argostoli

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Argostoli carnival – elina.theotokatou

The Carnival of Argostoli is one of the best festivals in Kefalonia. It is a three-day event that takes place in February or March. The festival includes a parade, live music, and food.

The Orthodox Easter Celebration

Kefalonian as well as the rest of Greece celebrate Easter with great enthusiasm. The island comes alive with processions, decorated homes, and traditional food.

Orthodox Easter is the most important religious holiday in the Orthodox Christian faith. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is a time of great joy and celebration for Orthodox Christians. The date of Orthodox Easter can vary from year to year, but it is always celebrated on a Sunday between April 4 and May 8.

Snake Festival – 14/15th Aug

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snake festival

The Snake Festival is a religious festival that takes place in Mid August on the Greek island of Kefalonia. The Church of the Virgin in Markopoulo, a mountainside village, is famous for its icon of the Virgin Mary which is said to have miraculous healing powers. During the festival, a large wooden snake is carried through the streets and people gather from all over the island to see it. The festival culminates with a mass at the church and a procession of the snake through the streets. The Snake Festival is a popular event on the island and attracts visitors from all over Greece. It is a time of great celebration and feasting, with traditional music and dancing. The festival is an important part of the island’s cultural heritage and is a unique event. Not for the squeamish!

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Small Snakes of Virgin Mary – Snake Festival Kefalonia

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary – 15th August

On the 15th of August, the island as well as the rest of Greece celebrates the Virgin Mary with a large festival. There is a procession to the church of Agios Georgios in Markopoulo, followed by a traditional feast.

Saint Gerasimos Feast Day – 16th Aug and 20th Oct

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The feast of Saint Gerasimos is celebrated every year on August 16 & October 20 on the island of Kefalonia, Greece. Saint Gerasimos was a monk who lived in the 16th century and is the patron saint of the island. The miraculous healing powers of Agios Gerasimos were renowned for curing those suffering from mental ailments. His miracles, which were well-known throughout the nation, prompted the evacuation of his relics, which were discovered to be completely incorrupt. His remains are now preserved in a double-glass reliquary that is positioned over the saint’s tomb. The feast is a religious and cultural event that includes a procession, mass, and traditional food and music.

The small village of Saint Gerasimos is home to this unique festival that takes place every August and October. People for the Island and all over Greece come to Kefalonia and visit the Kefalonia Agios Gerasimos Monastery of ST Gerasimos to celebrate the feast and attend church services.

Robola Wine Festival – 12/13 Aug

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robola wine festival by vintage travel

.The Kefalonia Wine Festival is an annual event that takes place on the Greek island of Kefalonia. The festival is a celebration of the island’s wine-making heritage and features a range of activities and events for visitors to enjoy.

During the festival, there are wine tastings, tours of the island’s vineyards, and opportunities to purchase local wine. There are also a variety of food and drink stalls, as well as live music and entertainment. The Kefalonia Wine Festival is a great opportunity to experience the island’s culture and traditions, learn about wine productions and to sample some of the delicious local wine.

Assos Barcarolle Music Festival – 24th Aug

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varkarola festival

The Assos Barcarolle Music Festival is an annual event that takes place in the small village of Assos on the island of Kefalonia, is one of the most popular music festivals in Greece.

The festival takes place on the 24th of August and features a wide range of musical performances, usually classical music performed by singers on “Gondola£ like boats. Some of the songs are the traditional rhythmic melodies of the Ionian islands that people used to sing to their loved ones. The Assos Barcarolle Music Festival is a great opportunity to experience the best of Greek music and culture and to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kefalonia. If you’re planning a trip to Greece this August, be sure to check out the Assos Barcarolle Music Festival!

International Music Festival in Argostoli – end of Aug

Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia, an island in the Ionian Sea. Every summer, the town hosts an international music festival, which attracts musicians and music lovers from all over the world. The festival, which takes place at the end of August, features a wide range of genres, from classical to contemporary, and there are also workshops and masterclasses offered by some of the world’s leading musicians. If you’re a music fan, this is definitely an event not to be missed!

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